Foreigner, immigration

Since the number of multicultural families increases, many problems related to foreigners such as discrimination against foreign workers, wage arrears, visa problems, and foreigner crimes.

Lawfirm Law-Win not only provides legal services related to foreigners but also provides general legal services to find the most suitable solution to solve the problems that clients are facing.
"I’m a foreigner and I have committed a crime. I don’t know what to do first!"
"My foreign friend has got the Exit Order to leave the country. Is it possible to respond immediately? "
"I want to divorce in Korea so I need a consultation!"
These are questions from people looking for LAW-WIN


IMMEDIATE assistance for   

URGENT foreign clients who are in need.

Major Services

  • Criminal cases
  • Relief of immigration offenders (forced eviction, ect.)
  • Advisory on visa and invitation related legal advice
  • Extension of stay and change of staying status
  • Foreign (corporate) investment and real estate contracts
  • Application for permanent residency and naturalization
  • Wage arrears and occupational accidents related
  • Consultation and translation of contracts
  • Promotion of new business

Criminal cases

As a result of globalization, the number of foreign crimes is increasing. Law firm Law-Win has operated a global team to help those who are involved in criminal cases related to immigration law, fraud, or assault while staying in Korea, cases that we are working on is as below:

  • customs tax related cases
  • technical crime
  • drugs
  • murder
  • economic crime
  • sex offenses
  • traffic crime
  • IP crime

Relief from immigration offenses
(forced eviction, ect.)

Law firm Law-Win offers legal consultation services, petition, and carrying on administrative trial or lawsuit seeking for the cancelation or revocation of deportation order or exit order in order to protect foreigners who involved in criminal cases related to immigration violation, fraud, or assault during their stay in Korea.

  • objection to the disapproval to stay or request for an administrative trial
  • Application for lifting the protection period
  • Formal objection to a forced deportation order
  • Application for the cancellation of departure order, forced deportation order and litigation, suspension of execution
  • Application for suspension of departure date
  • consultation and advice on grievances such as re-entry of forced deported persons

Advisory on visa and
invitation related legal advice

To help clients promptly enter the country, a group of experts provide legal advice for the obtaining of staying status such as visa or invitation letters.

  • Short-term visa such as tourist visa
  • invitation to families of permanent resident, naturalized persons
  • Invitation of spouse and families of Korean
  • international students, students for language course
  • short term invitation to visiting relatives for overseas Koreans
  • Invitation to raise children
  • Invitation to entry-regulated families

Extension of stay and change of stay status

We are conducting services to help foreigners who are staying in Korea to reside lawfully such as staying as a foreign student or obtaining permanent residency

  • related to marriage immigration (F-6) visa
  • Change of job search status (D-10) to residence status (F-2) for international students
  • Change to Skilled foreign worker visa status (E-7-4)
  • change from Work and Visit (H-2) visa to Overseas Korean (F-4) visa/Permanent residency (F-5) Visa
  • Application for permanent residency or naturalization of a person who meets nationality acquisition requirements

Foreign (corporate) investment and real estate contracts

We provide comprehensive legal consultant services to foreigners about investment complex procedures and real estate contracts and afterward related issues. Besides providing necessary support for the operation of company, we also handle services related to foreign exchange regulations and permits.

  • International trade (D-9) visa
  • Establishment of foreign-invested companies/visa application/change to investment visa (D-8)
  • Application to obtain long-term residency (F-2) or permanent residence (F-5) for foreign investor
  • Invitation of domestic assistant from investment foreigners and professional workers
  • Consultation related to foreign companies
  • Litigation and arbitration related to investment

Application for permanent residency and naturalization

We provide consultation services for foreigners entering Korea to obtain long-term stay permission by extending the length of stay or changing visa status. We also support obtaining permanent residency status or naturalization for eligibled foreigners

  • Naturalization application due to adoption
  • Permanent residency and nationality application for eligibled persons
  • Permanent residency and nationality application for F-6 visa holders
  • Proceed administrative trial or litigation relating to the disapproval of permanent status or naturalization.

Wage arrears and
occupational accidents related

We provide legal service for foreigners who are under discrimination relating to minimum wage, wage arrears, severance pay, or occupational accidents that occurred during employment in Korea.

  • overdue wages, severance pay for foreign workers
  • Responsibility for civil compensation related to occupational accidents.
  • Litigation against the disapproval of occupational accident treatment by Korea Workers’ Compensation and Welfare Service
  • minimum wage of foreigners related
  • compensation of insurance company related
  • support for the staying of those being injured by occupational accidents

Consultation and translation of contracts

Professional lawyers provide contracts translation services of English, Vietnamese and Philippines, and legal advice services for foreign companies to enter Korea.

  • Supporting foreign companies to start business in Korea/domestic companies to devolop business abroad
  • Provide legal consultation and translation of contracts from/to Vietnamese, English by professional lawyers
  • English, Vietnamese, Tagalog translation services

new business promotion team

We provide advice on complicated and difficult procedures such as overseas employment or immigration which is not easy to proceed without experts’ support.

  • domestic and foreign investment, with the intention of immigration
  • Youth’s Overseas Employment
  • retired immigration ect.

Our Law firm Law-Win is a global law firm that operates not only in Korea but also cooperates with other partners in America, Japan, Vietnam, and Brazil under strategic cooperation agreements. Since 2016, we have formed a TFT team to solve legal problems for foreigners living in Korea.

We, Law-Win has successfully handled number of litigation cases with no language barriers for foreign clients thanks to the support of our professtional interpreter team.

Therefore, you can get good results when working with our experienced lawyers. We promise to provide the best service so that you can enjoy the triumph.

Reasons to choose Law-Win
With sincerity and enthusiasm
We provide services.

To solve what you are suffering.

Law firm Law-Win will help you.

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